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  1. The only Bet9ja.com promotional code to get your NGN100k deposit bonus is YOHAIG.

    The Bet9ja promotion code or bonus code will give you welcome bonus
    money and free bets with your successful first deposit.

    You can use your free get on sports betting, virtual sports,
    virtual football betting, virtual soccer game, virtual games,
    casino games, horse racing, european leagues, english premier
    league, american football, zoom soccer, football matches and
    other popular european leagues.

    Bet9ja is the largest Nigerian online bookmaker and
    it is owned by KC Gaming Networks Limited.Bet9ja has given you the platformwe explain the Bet9ja booking codes.

    Everybody can attest to the fact that when it comes to online betting and gambling, Bet9ja has distinctly stood out among others.
    Exceeding expectancy of players by using and
    offering a superbly designed consumer-friendly interface,
    a well-crafted and easy to apprehend terms and conditions of use, and a whole load of options to facilitate sports activities having
    a bet and other forms of playing.

    Understanding what booking codes are and the way to use them is your pathway to creating accurate strategic choices in staking your money on Bet9ja.
    It approaches the Away team wins or draw. Over 0. Which implies that at the least one purpose will be scored.
    And beneath 0. Over 1. There are three feasible consequences: 1st Away team to score greater dreams inside the 1st half2d Away group
    to attain more goals in the second half and equal Away group to attain the
    identical quantity of goals in both the 1st and
    2nd halves.

    If the home team does not score any intention the prevailingselection is even. If the
    away team does not rating any purpose the triumphing choice is even. This has a similar alternative
    just like the fundamental alternatives. You are required to select
    which among home, Away and Draw and IF the fit might
    lead to Over, or below 1. Bet9ja Booking Codes. We use cookies to ensure that we
    give you the best experience on our website.

    If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.
    Ok Privacy policy.If you want to get easy money, you can try
    your luck and bet at one of the most popular Nigerian betting sites – bet9ja.

    But to win, you have to know how the system works.
    If you know bet9ja match codes and odds, your chances of victory will significantly increases.

    As long as the meaning of all codes is not presented on the website web.
    Odds in betting indicate the price tag place for each team.
    It is written in number. If you are knowledgeable in this
    field, you will understand the amount they represent. It does not matter which amount you place on the bet,
    it will multiply it by the number represented in the odd.
    If you place a bet and you choose the victory of Manchester United the
    odd on Man United is indicated as 2.

    The higher the odd is, the higher the bigger is the amount of money you
    will win.

    You need codes to represent the result of each match. But you also
    need to know the meaning of each code not to make a mistake while making your bet9ja prediction. If you look at the main Tab menu on web.
    DC: you can choose one of the three options below:.
    However, if you are not able to predict the outlay of the match on your own,
    you can also use bet9ja prediction sites.

    Also, there are various Internet sites like where the result of any match is already predicted.
    So sometimes they may tell you the wrong prediction on purpose.

    So be careful and good luck to you in your betting!
    Main Ask Legit Ask Legit. How to use old mobile Bet9ja – registration, login, coupon check,
    mobile app, shop.

    What you need to start successful palm oil business.
    Bet9ja withdrawal rules for winners and bonus holders
    from Nigeria.Continue with this review and you
    will get all the relevant information. You will learn how to use your Bet9ja promotion code to get this
    bonus, as well as get tips on other offers and betting markets.

    The full terms of the promotion code bet9ja offers are listed out in the Terms and Conditions section. The way the
    bonus works is fairly simple. When using this
    promotion code Bet9ja gives you, the following conditions apply:.
    Bet9ja is a Nigeria-based online sports betting and casino
    website. They have a safe and secure platform for online betting, optimized for the Nigerian market.
    The company is licensed to legally operate in Nigeria, holding the Lagos State Lotteries Board license,
    the Sportsbook and Gaming License issued by the State of Osun, and hold licenses to operate in all
    States where sports betting is permitted in Nigeria.

    They offer odds on odds on major events in Europe and other parts of the world.
    Read on to hear more about this special promotion code Bet9ja will reward you for, and how to put it to work for you making money.

    With over 10, sport betting options available and additional benefits with the promotion code,
    Bet9ja gives you quite the selection to choose from.
    You can gain a bonus from bets on any of these selections,
    and the Bet9ja promotion code gives you a higher percentage for each additional bet
    you place.

    The soccer markets are divided by league, with international
    clubs, as well as Nigeria, England and the six main European leagues.
    Other minor leagues are also offered, and those are listed out in alphabetical order to make them easy to browse.

    Bet9ja also offers Antepost betting on select Soccer markets, for example, the World Cupand on all the top International Clubs and national teams.
    Antepost, also known as futures, betting gives you fixed odds on these upcoming events.
    You can select which team you expect to win at the specific odds
    of your choice and there is a listing of when that event is to be decided.

    By playing as usual, you additionally have the opportunity to
    win millions of Naira in a jackpot every week. Bet9ja has a new feature:
    Bet9ja Zoom soccer allows you to experience the
    real leagues everyday, as there will always be a match available on a daily basis and throughout the year so you no longer have to
    worry about the league coming to an end.

    It is basically a a virtual soccer game that resemble virtual football betting.
    Zoom Soccer is a great product worth trying out if you have not tried it already.

    Bet9ja zoom soccer imitates the real sports markets and the sports leagues.

    They zoom sport leagues have the same team names. Even the results take time to process, just like the real-life process
    of football matches. At the same time, you can book matches with your phone mobile
    device or visit any of the Bet9ja outlets nationwide.

    Again, all the teams will start with the letter Z. Unlike
    other virtual games, zoom soccer played on your mobile device with a booking code or played in a shop which makes it more of a
    real bet.Bet9ja betting codes and symbols are one of
    the first learning processes you are expected to get familiar with since there are
    lots of them. Covering all the major sporting events across Europe
    and the world, the betting company has set the standard
    for online, mobile and retail excellence in Nigeria.

    They are safe and reliable as it works with the best operators in the
    world to ensure the best betting experience to punters.

    The winnings are also real. You can play games
    and win.

    You can transfer your winnings straight across to your bank account at any time, whenever you want.
    Every day, thousands of players withdraw their winnings
    and Bet9ja guarantees to pay out on every winning bet.

    Kunle Soname acquired over 70 per cent of the top Portuguese football club.
    As a novice, there is a need for you to take your time to study the different
    Bet9ja bet codes and their meaning, in order not to place bets on the wrong betting types.

    With the following Bet9ja betting codes and their meaning, you will be stunned
    at the abundant opportunity you are missing as a result of not using the
    various options to place your bets.

    The Bet9ja betting codes are each allotted a specific number of odds as provided by the bookmakers.
    The odds are created through a host of factors such as historical data, weather, home or away encounters, probability, statistics and form.

    The popular bet of a win, draw or loss for the favourite team
    does not always yield high odds, so understanding of the betting codes
    and types of bets is relevant. This code indicates that the away team will win or
    draw the game but both teams will not score each
    against each other.

    To win the bet, the away team has to win or and so
    on, or draw the game This code signifies that you are placing
    your bet on the away team to win or draw the match and both teams will score each other.
    To win, the away team has to win or or and so on, or draw or etc.
    This code means that the home team will win or draw the game
    but both teams will not score against each other. That is,
    for you to win, the home team has to win or et cetera or draw the game With this code,
    it means you are placing your bet on the home team to win or draw the game and also that both teams will score against each other.

    For instance, the home team can win the match or
    or draw the game or and so forth, for you to win.In order to qualify, you have to make a
    deposit between N and N Remember to fulfil the wagering requirements: Stake your full deposit, wager the bonus
    10 times at odds of minimum 3. If you need more details,
    have a look at the paragraph below. When registering at
    Bet9ja Nigeria with this promotion code, you will get a chance to
    claim up to N Betj9a is the largest Nigerian online bookmaker and sponsors the local National

    Find out what you have to do to claim the bonus and why Bet9ja is a
    bookmaker worthy of your time. Follow these steps and you will
    get your money. In order to withdraw the money, you are
    going to have to meet the conditions made by the bookmaker.
    They include wagering requirements you need to meet to pay your winnings
    from the bonus money out.

    Read them carefully, because if you do something
    incorrectly you might risk losing your money. As soon as you turnover the money, you will be able to withdraw the cash
    – this is now yours. Bet9ja is a secure platform for
    online sports betting, offering the best markets and lucrative offers.
    So if you are coming from the state, where betting is allowed by the law, you can rest assured that you are
    not breaking any rules.

    Every registered punter can take part of it free of charge.
    It is enough to go to the Super9ja page and create the prediction for the
    exact score on 6 games. The set of matches change on a weekly basis,
    which means that you get a new chance every 7 days.

    And trust us, it is worth trying. But the bookmaker
    knows it and pays well for the effort and your luck.
    Bet9ja also offers very lucrative jackpots where you can with millions
    every week.

    Bet9ja Titan Jackpots are the highest online jackpots in Nigeria, and give you
    the opportunity to win large millions of Naira, every single week.

    The Titan Jackpots can be won in the Bet9ja league.View Best Bet9ja tips and codes for each Serie
    A game.

    Are you looking for a prediction in a football game that you can trust?
    For football betting tips and advice to confirm your
    intuition? Then you are in the right place.

    Every day, in a dozen or so football competitionsour football experts offer their
    personal predictions, after much reflection and
    real-time updates on the basis of different events.

    Taking into account all the most important factors that can influence a match,
    our team of specialists will give you their opinions on the best matches of each week, as well as
    the bets that should be given priority on your betting

    From the state of play of the teams to previous direct matches, from the recent statistics of important players, the current status of the two clubs or
    the different classifications general, as a client,
    as a visitor, attack, defence, cards, occasionsmore than a hundred indicators are
    evaluated live, in order to obtain forecasts that are always closer to the reality of the

    Another but no less important point is the emotional and human aspect, which is very present
    in each of our football predictions, making our analysis
    is not only limited to numbers, as this is the case in many other sports forecasting sites.
    Our football experts feel passionate about the game and end up
    predicting for equally passionate fans.

    A factor that explains the common sense and general success of our website, dedicated to
    football betting. Although just like vast majority of websites offer pay and your sure prediction code service, Bet9jacode offer the same as well.

    So feel free to check out our VIP sectionin order to have access to personalized predictions.

    We prefer a sharing of experience and a free and unlimited diffusion of our analyses.

    Our team of football specialists is limited,
    so it may happen that some of the football matches I would like to bet on are not covered by the Bet9ja code predictors.

    What should you do in this case? Satisfy yourself with
    a limited opinion, based only on a few numbers?

    Obviously not. By following the steps that you will follow, you will be able to carry
    out, in an autonomous way, complete analyses for certain football predictionsmost of the
    time. Stay tuned. The first stage, as you must calculate, consists
    of observing the recent state of form of the two teams concerned by the game
    in which you want to consolidate your prognosis.

    Generally, the observers consider the last 5 respective matches.

    Bet9ja: bet codes and meaning
    For our experts, it is much more pertinent to evaluate the last two matches of both formations, which indicate the closest state to the one that will be in the next game,
    in which you want to bet.Welcome to the page with Bet9ja bonuses and promotions for Nigerians.

    The bonus is offered only to new Nigerian customers that top up their accounts using conventional payment systems for example,
    the user is not eligible for the bonus if their funds were transferred from another account.
    If you are new to Bet9ja, you can register your account using the Bet9ja promo code super9ja automatically entered in mobile registrationand then you can make the first deposit.

    After the deposit, the matching funds will appear on your bonus account.
    To be able to move this money to your main one, you have
    to wager 10x the amount of the deposit on wagers with odds 3.
    Create an account with Bet9ja. Use the bet9ja promotion code super9ja Top up your balance.
    Roll over the matching money to make it eligible for withdrawal.
    Each rank directly influences the number of points
    that you earn with each bet, which at the end of every
    month determine the prizes that you can get.

    Whilst progression through ranks is linear you get a new rank during a calendar month, you keep that rank at the beginning of the next onethe ranks have to be maintained in order to keep
    them. There is a special progress bar in your account that shows how far you are into
    your current rank. Maintain your current rank in the system.
    Get cash prizes! For those who want to test their luck, Bet9ja offers an absolutely
    FREE prediction game with weekly 10 million naira jackpot.

    To get this money you have to the Super9ja webpage and select scores of the 6 selected matches.

    You will also be asked to enter the total amount of goals scored, but this comes into play only when there is a tie.
    The standings are determined by your prediction score which is calculated separately for each match and
    then combined.

    Have a Bet9ja account. Visit the Super9ja page
    on a weekly basis to make your predictions. Choose outcomes and scores for 6 shown matches.
    Wait for the games to settle and hope for the best.

    Keeping in mind that Bet9ja operates solely for Nigerian citizens, it is unadvisable to employ this particular betting site if you are from another
    country. If you are trying to register from mobile device,
    this code is entered automatically.

    Whilst there is no dedicated no deposit bonus, Super9ja offers
    opportunity to test your luck for free. Step 1. Step
    2. Step 3. Step 4. Enabler qualifying bets Bonus type points system Time frame calendar month Locale Nigeria.
    Join Bet9ja.

    FAQ help. Are the bonuses available to other countries? Is there a promo code?

    Is there a no deposit bonus?

    New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja.

    They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app) on football matches, american football,
    horse racing, the premier league and more.

    Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit of ₦100.

    Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance
    to win mini jackpots, titan jackpots, red titan jackpot or the gold titan jackpot.

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  3. The right Bet9ja.com promotional code to get your NGN100,000 bonus funds is

    The Bet9ja promotion code or bonus code will give you welcome bonus money and free bets with your successful first

    You can use your free get on sports betting, virtual sports,
    virtual football betting, virtual soccer game, virtual games, casino games, horse
    racing, european leagues, english premier league, american football, zoom soccer, football matches and other popular european leagues.

    Bet9ja is the largest Nigerian online bookmaker and it is owned by KC Gaming Networks Limited.The Bet9ja promotion code is the
    code that allows you to get up to a hundred percent (100%) bonus on your deposit for Bet9ja sportsbook.
    You have to make a deposit between the amounts of one hundred Naira (100 Naira) and one hundred thousand Naira (100,
    000 Naira) to be able to win this offer.

    – Visit the bet9ja website and click on ‘JOIN NOW’ or use this link directly.

    – Complete the registration form by entering your email
    address. If you use the direct link posted above, the field for gambling
    the promotional code will have the code already.
    If you go through the bet9ja website, the promotional
    code field will have something like ‘dk-100-banner.’

    – If not, select ‘Yes’ for sports betting ‘Do
    you have a Promotion Code?’ and enter the promotional code YOHAIG.

    – Click on the box to agree to bet9ja terms and conditions.

    – Click on ‘Register.’ If your registration is successful, you will
    see the message ‘Registration successful! Please check your email and click the activation link to proceed’
    on your screen.

    READ ALSO: Bet9ja booking codes 2018

    – Go to your email inbox and find the mail sent from bet9ja.
    Open the mail and click on the activation link.

    – You will be taken to a registration page where you will complete your registration with
    the necessary details.

    – Once you have completed the registration, you will be able to
    make a deposit of at least one hundred Naira (100 Naira) and
    at most one hundred thousand Naira (100,000 Naira).

    – You should receive your bonus money immediately your deposits have been approved.
    But sometimes, it takes up to twenty-four hours (24 hrs) before it
    will appear on your bet9ja account.

    – You will receive a hundred percent bonus on the amount you deposit.
    This is applicable only to your first deposit.

    How to fund Bet9ja account easily with recharge card

    Bet9ja promotion code terms and conditions

    For you to be able to withdraw your money, you have to meet all of the conditions that have been set by the bookmaker.
    These conditions include sports betting requirements that you need to
    meet to cash out your winnings from the bonus money.
    Read these requirements carefully. If you fail to do something correctly, you
    risk losing your money. Below are the most important terms and conditions

    1. You must be a first time user i.e. you are registering for gambling the
    first time with an email that is not registered in the system already,
    a unique home address and a debit/credit card that is not registered in the system.

    You are not allowed to register for this bonus if you are a previous gamer.

    2. Make sure you use the promotion code “YOHAIG” when you are registering.
    This is the only sure way you can guarantee your eligibility for sports betting
    the 100 percent bonus offer.

    3. Make a successful deposit. There are many possibilities you can choose from.
    It doesn’t matter which one you think is the most suitable or profitable for you or which possibility
    you choose, you will still get the bonus.

    4. Your bonus cash will depend on how much you have deposited.
    If you make a deposit of one thousand five hundred Naira (1,
    500 Naira), your bonus will be one thousand five hundred Naira (1,500 Naira).

    5. The double up of the deposit make has to be wagered five times with
    the amount you deposited. For example, if you with the
    same amount mention above, you would have to have fifteen thousand Naira (15,000 Naira)
    before you can be able to collect your winnings.

    6. Only bets with odds of 1.80 and above are deducted from the requirements

    7. You will be able to monitor the progress of the money
    you are making in the banking section of your profile.


    Super9ja is a promo offer that does not require any deposit or code.
    It is a competition you can play when you don’t have the
    cash to play Bet9ja odds. This game allows you
    to predict ten scores to win an amazing sum of money.

    There are different sets of matches available every week.
    All you need to do is predict the scores for all these matches.

    If you are lucky to predict the ten matches accurately, bit.ly you are in for a big win. There
    are also mini jackpots for predicting accurately nine and eight scores.

    Bet9ja products

    Bet9ja sports betting – Hundred percentage match bonus from 100 Naira to
    100,000 Naira.

    – Bet9ja Casino – Choose from over sixty-five casino games.

    – Bet9ja Racing – Bet on dog and horse racing.

    – Bet9ja Virtual – Play on Virtual Soccer and Tennis

    – Bet9ja Super9ja – No – 100,000,000 Naira.

    Read also

    New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja.

    They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app)
    on football matches, american football, horse racing, the premier league and more.

    Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit of ₦100.

    Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance to
    win mini jackpots, titan jackpots, red titan jackpot or the
    gold titan jackpot.

  4. The only Bet9ja.com bonus code to get your NGN100,000 deposit bonus is YOHAIG.

    The Bet9ja promotion code or bonus code will give you welcome bonus money and free bets with your successful first deposit.

    You can use your free get on sports betting, virtual sports, virtual football
    betting, virtual soccer game, virtual games, casino games,
    horse racing, european leagues, english premier league, american football, zoom soccer, football matches and other popular european leagues.

    Bet9ja is the largest Nigerian online bookmaker and it is
    owned by KC Gaming Networks Limited.This
    is the perfect opportunity for those who want to enjoy more entertainment and have a chance of winning
    some money.

    Fill in the registration form. If you came in from our site, the Promotion Code field is
    already filled with YOHAIG.

    After clicking “Proceed” you will get an SMS with the Activation Code:
    type it in Step 2.

    Register and enter the bonus code – YOHAIG – this is the only
    way you can make sure you are eligible for the 100% bonus offer.

    You need to stake your full deposit at odds of at least
    3.00 and the bets need to settle before you receive the bonus

    You will be able to track your

    turnover progress in the banking section of your profile.

    You can be sure, that you are betting legally: the company holds a Sportsbook and Gaming License from the Lagos State Lotteries Board.

    The Bundesliga and the Premier League is finally back as two of the
    top European Leagues to continue the season.

    The Titan Jackpots can be won in the Bet9ja league, the operators’ flagship virtual game.

    The Red Titan Jackpot or the bumper payout
    of the Gold Titan Jackpot can make you become millionaires, just by playing as usual.

    Bet9ja zoom soccer is very close to real-life football games
    in the sense that it imitates the real markets and the leagues have the
    same team names.

    Again, all the teams will start with the letter Z.

    Bet9ja offers you the possibility to book your bet. Basically, what it comes down to
    is that you create a bet slip, that you can use in the bet9ja betting

    Be sure to use your Bet9ja promotion code, YOHAIG, to enjoy betting and get even more out of the
    experience and to maximize your winning potential. Enter your Bet9ja bonus code and start winning now.

    Only new users have the possibility to receive the exclusive bonus.
    While registering do not forget to use the bonus code YOHAIG.

    Use your Bet9ja promotion code: YOHAIG on any of these Sports markets to get even more out of your
    Sports bets (new customers only).

    They do it in relation to the type of betting promos that they offer.
    Betting promos range from free bets to sign-up bonuses.
    There are also other betting promos that could attract the attention of any punter.

    Betting promos reduce the risk related to sports betting.

    You might also enjoy the other areas of the Bet9ja website, including their Live
    Betting, Racing, Casino, and Virtual sections.

    Live Betting allows you to place bets on events that are ongoing
    at the same time while you are browsing Bet9ja’s website,
    with odds that fluctuate based on live market changes, going
    up and down dynamically based on the development of the game.

    Mobile betting bonus details: This is any sort of bonus that comes with using a mobile device or the bookmaker’s mobile app.

    Not all bookmakers have a mobile app.

    There are lots of action-packed markets to have a punt
    on including soccer, tennis, basketball, American football,
    rugby, boxing, and many more.

    The last novelty but not the least is certainly the Bet9ja league, for those who would like to know
    exactly what is this Bet9ja league, it’s a virtual football season played in over 1 hour.

    These betting bonuses take the form of a welcome or sign-up bonus
    on the initial deposit.

    FAQ – Bet9ja Promotion Code

    How do I get my bet9ja bonus code?

    To receive the bonus, please enter the bet9ja promotion code when registering a new account.

    Deposit at least ₦100.

    You have to stake your full deposit at odds of
    at least 3.00 and the bets need to settle before you receive
    the bonus money.

    What does the promotion code mean at bet9ja?

    The bet9ja promotion code is YOHAIG: it allows you to get up to a 100% bonus of
    up to N100.000 on your deposit for the Bet9ja sportsbook.

    Does bet9ja give a bonus on the first deposit?

    Yes, when you deposit at bet9ja the first time, you are entitled
    to a match bonus up to 100% of up to ₦100,000 for the
    Bet9ja Sportsbook.

    Be sure to use the bet9ja promo code YOHAIG
    when registering.

    Do I have to pay to register?

    No, registering with Bet9ja is free. If you would like
    to bet and play, you will have to make a deposit on your bet9ja account.

    What are the deposit limitations?

    Bet9ja doesn’t accept a deposit under 100
    Nairas. And the maximum you can put on your account is ₦10,000.

    Does bet9ja have a maximum payout limit?

    If you love to make big bets, remember that bet9ja’s maximum payout is ₦50,000,000.
    Everything that exceeds this amount won’t be paid, as
    noted in their T&Cs.

    What is a minimum deposit?

    Well, this is the smallest possible amount of money the bookmaker will accept from
    you. Bookies make limitations and set the minimum deposits.

    New customers will enjoy live betting on sports markets on Bet9ja.

    They can sports bet on their phone mobile device (mobile app) on football matches,
    american football, horse racing, the premier league and more.

    Their wagering requirements include a minimum deposit of ₦100.

    Use the Bet9ja promotion code YOHAIG for a chance to win mini jackpots, titan jackpots, red titan jackpot
    or the gold titan jackpot.

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